Monday, September 27, 2010

He is sufficient!

We’re still dealing with the croup or at least the aftermath of it, which is this nasty “wet” cough. So we went from a barking seal to an 86-year-old smoker! Regardless, I am exhausted! I have probably gotten 12 hours of sleep in the past week. But in the midst of my exhaustion, I opened Jesus Calling this morning to find…

“When your energy fails you, do not look inward and lament the lack you find there. Look to Me and My sufficiency…Go gently through this day, leaning on Me…Thank me for your neediness, which is building trust-bonds between us.”

God knows. He knows my daily struggles. He knows my shortcomings. Today I have no energy but I know He will provide what I need to get through this day.

I also have a tiny confession…William’s croupy condition is not the only reason I haven’t been sleeping. Two words...HUNGER GAMES! I am joining a book club and our first gathering is tomorrow. And in true Lauren fashion, I didn't get the book until Friday. On my way home from the bookstore, I had figured out how many pages I would need to read each day to finish the book! Oh, that wasn't necessary...I could not put that stickin' book down; it is SOOO good! I am dying to get the second (and third) book but I am forcing myself to wait until we’re done with the croup.

And we’re both going down for afternoon naps today! :)

love, lauren

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