Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy Half Birthday, William!

William is six months today. It’s true…time really flies!
He weighs 20.6 lbs and is 26 ¼ inches long.

It’s crazy to think he was this small only 4 months ago…

At six months, his bottle is still his first love but he’s also enjoying baby food. His favorites are squash, bananas and yogurt.

He is rolling over but only when absolutely necessary or out of frustration! :) He takes two good naps and a little cat nap (only on a good day) and, for the most part, sleeps through the night.

He laughs & coos (no ma-ma or da-da yet), kicks like Michael Phelps in the bathtub, loves his giraffe teether but would rather chew on his feet, is still a big fan of peek-a-boo, started using a sippy cup (hasn’t quite figured it out), gets an A+ in hand mouth coordination, I feel like he’s discovering new things he can do each week! I LOVE seeing his little personality develop; he is such a sweet boy!

I thank God everyday I get to be William’s mom!

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