Friday, September 17, 2010


It doesn’t matter what reality show you watch, there is always an opportunity to win immunity…right?!? This week William got to flex his muscles and build up some immunity! Of course it happened in Wal-Mart…

So, I’ve had a buggy cover tucked away in his closet for 6 months and now that he is sitting up I decided to pull it out and give it a whirl. And I really enjoyed using it! Don’t get me wrong; it felt like the little guy was really shopping with me sitting up like a big boy. But, he’s also a little more exposed than normal. Anyway, a shoeless, snotty-nosed three-year-old boy with Hawaiian punch all down his shirt started making his way toward us to look at the “baby.” Before I even had time to tell him not to touch, that little boy stuck his dirty finger in William’s mouth!!!!!!!! He bypassed the hands, feet, even his face and went straight for the mouth! I immediately shooed him away and then his mom starting spanking him right there in the produce section. The child is screaming, his mom is screaming, I’m wiping Williams mouth down with baby wipes, screaming in my head… “you better not give him the sniffles again…we just got rid of them!” This little incident happened on Monday and its FRIDAY…no sniffles!!!

Here’s my happy boy…

Love the weekend! GEAUX TIGERS!!!

love, lauren

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