Saturday, September 25, 2010

JOHN 3 16

Yesterday I did a little shopping with William and the sister. She is one of the only reasons I occasionally appear stylish. Anywho, get home, set down my bag and notice JOHN 3 16 on the bottom of the Forever 21 bag. WHAT?!?!?!? [insert huge smile and giggle]. I am probably the last Christian in America to notice this but I thought it was so awesome!!! I did a little googling and found out Don and Jin Chang, the owners of Forever 21, are devout Christians and wanted a way to demonstrate their faith! I thought about doing the hot dog dance! :)

(excuse the mess on my coffee table)

In not-so-fun news, sweet little William has croup [double boo]. He has been coughing a little this week but I chalked it up to allergies. AND the fact that I have brought him to the doctor three times for a sick visit only to be told… “Ears look great. Chest sounds good. Let’s just watch it.” And all those terrible symptoms disappear by the next day! But I just didn’t like the sound of his coughing and I am so glad we went. It’s nothing serious but we will probably have a few more sleepless nights in the Haddox household. HUGE thank you to Darby who informed me of the freezer remedy…yup, we stood in front of the freezer last night enjoying some cool air! :)

Off to bake cupcakes and cookies for the tailgate!


love, lauren

ps – double boo refers to double rainbow in the sky. Check it out on youtube!

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