Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sleepless in Farmerville

I always loved the movie Sleepless in Seattle and I know being lovesick can create many restless nights. But nothing, absolutely nothing, compares to the sleepless nights you have with a newborn. Crazy thing is I don’t have a newborn! I have a 6 month old who was just getting into a great little routine. A very loose routine but a routine, nonetheless! We went up to north Louisiana for the weekend to see Adam’s fam. Every night we were there the little one decided to wake up not once, not twice…four or five times each night. It brought me back to those first weeks of bringing home baby when you are in complete survival mode with lots of sleepless nights. A friend told me a few weeks back, just when you start getting the hang of things it all changes! Amen to that, sister!!!

Here are some pics from the weekend!

Happy Monday! Oh, dear...I just realized it's Tuesday! Happy Tuesday!!! :)

love, lauren

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  1. This was me at the beach this summer! I can relate! :) Love William's purple and gold! See you soon!