Monday, April 4, 2011

10 Years & Ketchup

We had a great weekend! It was my 10-year high school reunion and it was so much fun! I got to visit with people I hadn't seen in years, share lots of laughs, talk about babies, have way too much fun in a photo booth, enjoy tunes from the 90's...a great way to celebrate 10 years! Morgan did an awesome job planning this gathering!

Our mators and cucs are in the ground! :) I'm very excited about watching them grow...

Poor William is struggling with a little separation anxiety. When I picked him up from the nursery Sunday morning, they told me he did pretty good but ate lots of cookies and goldfish! :) That just made me laugh...whatever it takes girls! I'm just thankful I can sit through the service without having to keep my tiniest BF occupied [BF, as in best friend...that's what I'm calling him right now!]

We wanted to put posts in the ground yesterday to build a little picket fence around our garden. But because of my inability to file important documents [, paper work for TAXES], I spent the entire afternoon scouring my house for piles of bills, paper work, tax documents...soooo not what I had in mind for my Sunday afternoon!

Almost forgot about the ketchup...

William was such a trooper running errands with me this morning. So I thought we would have a little lunch date at Chick-Fil-A [since we're BF and all]. Have you seen the new packets of ketchup??? OMG...I LOVE it!

Here's my little date...we shared a meal deal. 

I'm loving this time of are my roses... [MMM, I thought you would enjoy this pic!] :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Oh, Deer!

I came across this cardboard deer from West Elm recently and thought it would look great it in the playroom. Adam thinks that room is too girly and you can't get any more masculine than a deer head so I'm thinking we're in business!!!

This is the image that got me...

I circled the dimensions because that's something I didn't pay much attention to when I made the purchase! :) If you need to pull out your reading glasses, I'll make it easy for's 2 INCHES WIDE!!! We're talking tiny here people! It is Buck, Jr...that should have been my first clue. I was disappointed with the size of my purchase but, on the up, they sent me two tiny deer heads and I had a good laugh when I opened the package.

I spy a deer head...can you see it??? :)

I know there is a better home for this tiny deer where he will stand out and draw the attention he deserves. But for now...he blends in with his surroundings! 

There he is...

Happy Weekend!!!