Tuesday, July 26, 2011

the weekend...a little late

We had a great weekend!

Friday was a last minute date night. Those are always the best. Whenever I plan a date night, you-know-who decides he doesn't need an afternoon nap or refuses to eat dinner or gets sick, all of which lead to extreme fussiness and walking out the door with a screaming child in the background. But Friday was none of those things. My brother and his girlfriend surprised us with a little visit and then said take off for dinner and a movie. [cue the choir...HALLELUJAH!] We needed a date night! :) And we opted for ice cream instead of a movie. GREAT night and came home to a sleeping baby! [doesn't get much better than that!] And then we decided to prank call some peeps! :) I know, that is SO highschool but I laughed my rear off! [I'd also like to add this was not mine nor Adam's idea but I certainly did nothing to stop it!]

And Saturday we had a swim party, which was SO much fun! I designed the invitation for Anna Claire's party and I think it might be my favorite so far! SO Anna Claire and just so cute! :)

William had a grand ol' time at the party drinking up the pool water and playing with his little buddies. And then he had more sugar in one sitting than ever before. It was just a cupcake [with LOTS of icing] and an Icee but he consumed it all!

[having a grand ol' time at the party]

[drinking the pool water]

 [let the sugar rush begin...]

And here is where all good things must come to an end...William and I managed to catch a cold in the middle of July. Saturday night, he was up all night. I was up most of the night. And we slept nearly all day Sunday.

We haven't completely recovered but we're real close! :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Only me...

Ok, this was a post from April I never published for some reason. I read it yesterday and it made me laugh...why do things like this happen to me?!?!?


April 6, 2011

I went to the mall this week for baby entertainment and a little retail therapy. [I really wanted to write that...retail therapy...but I am so not the shopper...honestly, I avoid the mall at all costs!] Anyway, unloading the stroller, popping it open and wheeling around to load up baby boy and I nearly run right into this guy. I say guy but I should really say ex-convict! I quickly apologized and he replied [with a slight slur, I might add], "Man, I had to get out there...way too many cops up in there. I just got outta jail last week. There are so many cops up in there!" I stood there dumbfounded...I had no words... Did I really just encounter someone fresh out of the slammer???!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

etsy LOVE

I love it when my etsy buyers send me pictures from their parties! I had a buyer recently request a cowboy/cowgirl joint theme; we were both excited about the way it turned out! And she did a super fabulous job on her part! Check out her pics...

Hope all you buckaroos are having a great day!!!

love, lauren

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Time really flies

I feel like the summer has slipped away from me! Where has the time gone??? Since my last post, William started walking, I had my first shopping experience in Canton, Texas, I left William for three nights for the first time, I've canned jars and jars of pickles, we had a lazy July 4th on the lake, I'm having so much fun with my ETSY shop; I feel like we've been busy in a lazy sort of way...if that's possible!

So, I'm definitely the most excited about my little man walking. 16 MONTHS!!!!!! I still can't believe it took him this long. I never worried he wouldn't walk but when the 9 and 10 month olds started toddling around him, I started getting a little anxious. But he finally decided it was time to walk like the rest of us! Here's a little video of those first wobbly steps. Yes, we were VERY excited about it!!! :)

He still prefers crawling and is not at all ashamed to drop to all fours to get somewhere quick. What else about little William... Absolutely, positively favorite word is out. He stands by the backdoor saying "out" over and over again. He sits in his high chair and car seat saying "out" over and over again. He'll just walk around the house saying "out." People, he wants out! :)

This was me at the Canton trade days. I died and went to heaven...I LOVED every minute of it. Lots and lots of junk but oodles of treasures to be found! We actually had to rent a u-haul to load up everything we bought. It was fun and I want to go back for more! Girls trip, anyone??? :)

For fathers day, I made these cute mini sliders and french fries from cupcakes/brownies and sugar cookies. Yes, it took a lot longer than I anticipated but it was a fun project for William's afternoon nap. :) Thank you Bakerella for the great idea and free printable!!!

So, we've been spending lots of time at the pool, eating popsicles and pizza and drinking pool water. [yuck nasty] And even more time on that little playground in the background. :) Yes, he would rather play on old plastic play sets than splash in the cool water when it's 100 degrees outside. I will never understand his reasoning.

Yes, we are summer lovin'!!!