Friday, September 3, 2010

A Surprise Party and the “Stumble” Button

I forgot to do a weekend recap and last weekend actually deserves to be recapped…it was a good one! It was the big 3-0 for a good friend and her husband gave her a fab surprise party! And let me tell you…

This gal was completely SURPRISED!!! She was not expecting dinner with close friends celebrating another year of her life. We spent the evening baby-free (PARTY!), visiting with good friends, enjoyed a delicious dinner and yummy birthday cake, and came home to the sniffles…yeah, the sniffles have been here way too long! Great job G…the birthday bash was a complete success!!!

Random funny-ness happened to me last night. Have you ever heard of the website You sign up on this website and check off a bunch of topics that interest you. Then you hit the “stumble” button! At this point, they introduce you to websites, videos, music, anything on the internet that you might like.

So, I’m just soooooo curious about what they think I will like…well, the first video that came up was Bruce Lee playing ping-pong with nun chucks.

How did they know I like Bruce Lee??? :) Just kidding but I do LOVE ping-pong…my family loves ping-pong! I just got the biggest kick out of that! They also linked me up with…you type in a book of the bible and it shows you where on the map it occurred...really cool! My husband was a big fan of that one. Anywho, try it out…I promise you’ll laugh out loud!

Have a great weekend!

love, lauren

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