Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A New Do

Last week, my girl Stacey came to my mom’s house to do my hair. How awesome does this sound?!?! Stacey, who happens to be the sweetest soul you will ever meet, goes to her client’s houses to do their hair. She has the best prices ever and she comes to you! For my sister, who gets highlights, it is the deal of the century!

(Rebecca with AR)
I have already had one person tell me it took seven years off me…that would make me look like a 21 year old! I am embracing the idea that I look like a teen mom.

But I guess it’s a compliment when I felt a lot older yesterday…I took one step closer to the BIG 3-0! Only two more years left in my twenties! Yowza!!

I took William on his first bike ride. He loved it! I think the helmet is still a little big but my dad is in insurance…that says it all! :)

love, lauren

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  1. Fun! I wish we had a bike to ride Cooper on! Hope you had a great birthday! Love you.