Monday, September 20, 2010

Tigers WIN!!!

This weekend was the first LSU home game of the season and it was H-O-T! We have been tailgating with the same group for a couple of years now but this was the first time “Chance of Rain” made it to the big screen!!! Thanks to Caroline, for chasing down the photographers, we were one of the “tailgaters of the game” on the jumbo screen during the game! WooHoo!!! :)

It’s so fun and amusing to watch the tailgate dynamic change over the years. At one point Saturday, two babies were getting their diaper changed right smack in the middle of the action, and I just couldn’t help but smile! I can’t wait to get William out there with all his little friends.

(CB, I snagged this pic off dropshots!)

William did get to hang out with some other little people this weekend.
First of all, gotta love the self timer.

Second, taking pictures with little people can be a challenge…we only got two pics! HA!

Happy Monday!

love, lauren

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