Monday, January 31, 2011

Baby Dedication

Yesterday, Adam and I stood before our church to dedicate William to the Lord. It was a very special day for us!

My prayer for William from the moment we found out I was pregnant was to raise him to fall in love with Jesus Christ. And understand how great God's love is for him! It is incredibly comforting to know we have a body of believers standing behind us in this great adventure of raising kids.

One thing is for sure, William doesn't have stage fright...I think he would have a given a sermon of his own had it not been for the nunni. [again and again, nunni to the rescue!] He did manage to get out a few of those excited screams. He was as happy as we were about the dedication! :)

It was also a blessing to be standing by one of my very best friends as she dedicated her sweet boy to the Lord. I LOVE knowing they'll be growing up in the church together...going to youth group and retreats, Sunday school and lock-in's. Learning about who God is and his plan for their lives.

Even in the pouring rain, we had a wonderful day!!!

love, lauren

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