Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Playroom

I had so much fun putting this room together. I started with the polka dot fabric. [adam thinks it's too girly...oh, well!] I saw this fabric in a picture of a nursery in a Southern Living Magazine, and ever since then wanted to use it somewhere.

My colors were black/white, red, green and light blue. [again, adam thought the whole thing was so girly...but he's warming up to it!]

I saw the apple and pear on Land of Nod and painted them on fence board instead of canvas. [my first experience with real power tools] I wish I could say they were free but I got a ticket for running a stop sign while on the search for fence board. So, really they cost me $130! BOO! [I would like to add that I was going 10 mph in a neighborhood...that cop didn't show a bit of pity on me!]

I got the green pillow at TJ Maxx. It reminded me of leaves from the apple and pear so I thought it worked perfect in there!

I wanted the alphabet as a "border" and I found these at a garage sale Saturday morning for $1.50. I really wanted a vintage alphabet but this works for now.

Oh, and I got a US map for 25 cents at the same garage sale. Not a perfect fit but I like the look.

For the most part, the room is finished. I am going to cut up some Eric Carle books and frame the illustrations, I want to make a magnet board to put somewhere, and sew some type of window treatment. I should rephrase that...I want to hot glue some type of window treatment! :) Oh, and I have an armoire in there that I want to paint white. [this is going to be a big project...need to read up on centsational for this one!]

Had a blast working in this room and didn't spend much! [I know one person who is very happy about this!!!]

love, lauren

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