Thursday, February 3, 2011

Geaux Greater Value

My bro told me a little secret! A secret that could really destroy me!!! When it comes to Girl Scout Thin Mints, I am weak...VERY weak...I can't resist them and I can't stop with two or three. Heck, I could half a box in one sitting! So, I order my two boxes of cookies [which has already been done for this year] and my guilty pleasure lasts a week...two weeks at most! They never hang around for very long! :)

So here's the secret...Greater Value now has there very own version of the Girl Scouts Thin Mints!!! Not only do they taste EXACTLY like the original thin mints, they are much cheaper and are available year round! :)

Yall, this is BAD for me! Yep, we've already gone through two boxes of these bad boys! [I am not going to tell you when I bought them!!!] One word...B-A-D!!!

Hope everyone is having a sweet day!

love, lauren

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