Thursday, February 24, 2011

A House Guest

We've had a little guest creeping around our house lately! I first spotted him in the flower beds right by the driveway. Meet Monty. Ok, this is not actually Monty but I didn't want to hang around long enough to snap his picture. But here is a look-a-like...

I grew up with the occasional snake in my backyard and a mom who would cut their heads off with a shovel. She really did and if you ask me...that is BRAVE...I did not inherit this least with snakes. I saw this tiny little harmless garden snake, screamed, jumped and ran in the house.

So yesterday, I'm going to get the mail and guess who I spot??? MONTY!!! That slithery snake was now in the front yard hiding under some leaves. But I had to spot him...WHY?!?!?!? Let's just say I had a dream about falling into a circus train full of snakes last night! Indiana Jones, anyone??? :) Such a great movie. So, I really hope Monty has moved on...or maybe William will take after his grandmother and not be scared of snakes! HA!!

Almost the weekend!!!

love, lauren

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