Monday, February 21, 2011

William, 11 months

My sweet baby boy was officially 11 months old last week! He is almost a year old and I really can't believe it!

Where to start...I feel like he is changing every day. Curious would have to be the word of the month. He is into everything!!! Exploring the house, opening drawers, opening and closing doors, destroying magazines, getting stuck in between furniture, one adventure after another. He is a master crawler...sticking with the traditional way of getting around on all fours. He's pulling up and walking around the coffee table, the couch, his train table. Hasn't tried to stand up on his own yet.

I feel like we have been teething for the past three months but they're all starting to breakthrough...finally!

He started saying ma-ma this month. It mostly comes out when he is in distress [which makes me laugh], but it still melts my heart. He babbles and talks and talks and talks. He also started saying uh-oh but it sounds more like uh-argh!

William mastered the fake cough months ago but he has recently started using a fake laugh. He'll be in the room with us and we start laughing at someone and William will start laughing right along with us. It's cute but so fake!

He's never been a fan of rocking with me but he's starting to warm up to it. I was rocking him one night [he actually seemed to be enjoying it] and he reached up and tried to put the nunni in my mouth! Let's just hope the sharing attitude continues into toddler-hood! :) [wishful thinking]

William has always been a lover of all food...ok, not all but most! :) Not anymore...if he doesn't like it...he spits it out. Oh, and he loves doing motor-boat with a mouthful of food. I try really really hard not to laugh but it's pretty funny. He's trying all sorts of things these days...pretty much whatever I'm eating. He thoroughly enjoyed a bowl of lasagna my mom made last week.

We have battled a lot of sickness this month but we're on the up...after antibiotics and breathing was just a matter of waiting it out.

I still can't believe how quickly this year went by!!!

love, lauren

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