Sunday, October 31, 2010

I got crafty...

Last week, the craft bug bit me...BAD!!! :) I haven't really been able to get crafty since William was born [the time issue] and because we were living in an upstairs condo [the space issue]. So now that we're at my parents house, I've got plenty of room to spread out [i.e. make a HUGE mess] and William always has someone to hang out with! [DOUBLE yay!!!]

A few months ago, Under the Sycamore posted a tutorial for a message board using an old frame and chicken wire. I LOVED the idea and decided this would be a great way to display Christmas cards. I've had this ugly framed mirror forever but never wanted to get rid of it. I knew I could do something with it! Here is my before, during & after shots.

Now I'm hoping I actually get to use it this year! :) [Or I guess it will be hanging in my parents house!]

I also made a few onesies for William. I found a tutorial on freezer paper stenciling. I couldn't believe it actually worked!!! And since he giggles every time we watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, I thought he needed a little Mickey onesie.

I painted another Mickey with the cut out pieces but it didn't turn out nearly as good.

I can't wait to have the space where I can do all my crafting!

love, lauren

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