Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Internet Debut

Before I decided to stay home with William, I was an elementary art teacher. I LOVED my job! I loved my job so much I would do my lesson plans for the entire year over the summer! [is that embarrassing?!?] That had a lot to do with no child to tend to and a little too much free time on my hands. [aahhhh, long gone are the days of free time]

Anywho, while I was on maternity leave last school year, I got a very interesting phone call from my principal. She informed me Forest Heights was selected by the Department of Education showcasing the positive aspects of public education. She wanted me to come back and teach a class for the filming (which was done by the History Channel). I couldn't pass up this opportunity! Here is part of the article from the US Department of Education’s website…

“This week, the Department of Education released a video about a remarkable public elementary school that combines the art of learning with the learning of art. Produced for ED by the History Channel, the new video tells the story of Forest Heights Academy of Excellence in Baton Rouge, Louisiana—an award-winning public magnet school where students excel in both academics and the performing and the visual arts…”

AND…here is the video! I have the tiniest little part around 1:16.

Hubs keeps telling me, “I love map” [we quote Anchorman] :) And apparently I didn’t have any good sound bites to put in the video! [this makes me laugh] In my defense…I had been on maternity leave for 6 weeks, had been up several times the night before feeding the babe and I had to teach in front of a “real” film crew! I admit…I was nervous.

All to say, I thought the video turned out SOOO great and I’m so proud of all the great things going on at Forest Heights!!!

It’s Tuesday…and it feels like summer again, eh!

love, lauren

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