Thursday, August 12, 2010

weekend recap

This past weekend we drove down to Franklin to see some good friends, J & C and their baby boy. We lived in the same condo complex as newlyweds but since their move we don’t get to see them nearly as much as we would like. But we had a fabuloso weekend, considering we had a 5 month old and an 8 month old! HA! Fabuloso in a new, I love my child but I’m always a little bit exhausted, kind of way! We went swimming, which is always a little treat for William!

We also spotted a gator in the bayou behind their house…yowza!

I actually I had a dream that night William was sitting in his bumbo and a gator snatched him up while I was swimming! I’m not a big fan of gators, the reptiles or the fans! ☺ (geaux tigers!)

Speaking of dreams, we saw Inception last week…confusing? Yes! Good movie? I loved it. I shouldn’t say “love;” I liked it a lot. It’s deep and weird; my 18 year old sister hated it but I enjoyed it. It made me more aware of my dreams. When I was pregnant I had the most vivid dreams; I would wake up and think they really happened. This gator dream was the first vivid dream in a while…uh oh, this better not mean anything!!! ☺ (just kidding…shouldn’t happen for now). ☺

William rolled over yesterday for the first time!!! (August 11, almost 5 months)

love, lauren

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