Friday, August 27, 2010

“chi-o baby”

This was the text I got from Rebecca last Saturday! I know, another post about the little sister… After a week of LSU rush, she pledged chi-o. It was quite a week for those poor girls…it is just brutal at LSU; I’ll leave it at that! I know she is going to make some life long friendships and incredible memories! Oh, college is so much FUN!


ps – I am listening to kids folk music on Pandora (which is soooo great) and a song about marshmallows has been playing and it is cracking me up! “fluffy and white on a fire so nice… oh, how I love to eat marshmallows!” yes, I am laughing as I type this! If only you could hear the tune! :) and this pic makes me very excited about cold weather...

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