Monday, November 15, 2010

8 Months

Yesterday, William turned 8 months old.
At his last doctor's appointment he was 21.8 pounds but I am pretty sure he has gained a little. I can no longer carry him in the car seat carrier. Thankfully, I have an umbrella stroller...don't know what I would do without it! :)

[hmmmm, I'm getting big!]

It's official, I've got a social butterfly on my hands. It doesn't matter where we are...Wal-Mart or the post office, he LOVES any kind of attention! He lights up when people talk to him, he'll give a big grin to anyone willing to share a few words, and he'll kick his feet if he really likes you! He happily goes to just about anyone.

He is a big fan of the great outdoors. Whether we're on a walk, swinging at the park, or just laying on a blanket in the backyard, he is happiest when outside. He is also very happy in the bathtub. The moment he gets in the tub, those little legs start kicking!

He doesn't roll over much during "play" time but as soon as I put him in the crib, he is all over the place. He somehow manages to turn in complete circles and go from tummy to back and back to tummy while in his crib. It's always a mystery where he will be when he wakes up from his nap! :) William is not the best sleeper but I am hoping that just means he's like me and doesn't need a lot of sleep! :) [He still hasn't totally adjusted to the time change...we were up at 5 am today and yesterday and the day before that.] He does take great naps. [that probably has something to do with not sleeping great at night]

Baby boy loves to eat. I've introduced some soft solids but he's not real into it just yet! [lots of gagging and it stresses both of us out :)] But he is all about the baby food! He enjoys time in his exersaucer and the bouncy horse and it doesn't matter what toy I give him, he'll find the tag [if it has one] and suck on that. Still waiting on ma-ma. Babbling consists of da-da and tis and his screams [talking screams not crying screams...but both are very loud! :)]

The first photo session with the giraffe didn't really work out...he not only has remnants of food all over his face but he was also in desperate need of a nap! :) The second photo session went a little better. He's starting to move a lot more so taking these cute little pics is getting difficult.

Happy 8 Months William! We love you lots and lots!!

love, lauren

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