Monday, October 24, 2011

Is it really the end of October???

I can't believe October is just about behind us! The past few months have gone by way to fast! We have enjoyed a few cold fronts, LSU football, starting mothers day out, play dates at the park, Hollydays Market, weekend trips to Farmerville and Franklin; we've been busy! We have also been battling an ear infection that doesn't want to go away and a weekend of bed rest. Absolutely no fun! But, as of this morning, the ear infection is just about gone! [I wanted to do the happy dance when the doctor told me...I don't even have an official happy dance but it felt like the right thing to do!]

This weekend, we had some tailgating fun. I'm pretty sure William had the most fun. I find myself just following [I should really say chasing] him around these days. And he never seems to want to congregate with the group...he's my little explorer. :)

[My little tiger!]

[LSU vs. Auburn...another BIG win!]

[A good behind the scenes look at what taking pictures with children really looks like! Meltdowns, distractions, high pitch voices and the patient grandmother sitting with a smile glued on her face! LOVE this!]

[At this point, I knew it was nap time...laying down right smack in the middle of the tailgate!]

[Poor little guy didn't even make it back to the car. He was out!]

So so happy it's fall!

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