Friday, November 4, 2011

Trick or Treating

Trick or treating for William was a complete success!! It took him a little while to warm up but once he realized he got candy out of the deal, he was all over it. We were walking up to one house and I looked down to see an entire Reeses peanut butter cup stuffed in his mouth! I was the child who would save candy for weeks, nibbling here and there, savoring every last bite. Not William! His motto...git er done! So in the midst of his sugar high, I was somehow able to sneak those Mickey ears on his head and, y'all, he kept them on for at least 10 minutes! People, we had a mini Mickey Mouse on our hands!! :) And, of course, while the ears were on, we got a few comments about how cute "she" looked! Are you kidding me??!! Mickey is the boy...Minnie is the girl... a dress or bow was not involved in this costume! Anyway, you know who [the hubs], did not like those comments one bit so he took the ears off. Bummer, back to answering questions like... "Now, what are you dressed up as tonight?"

Our attempt at getting him to wear the ears...before the sugar high.

Wearing his ears!!! :) Woo Hoo!!!!!!!

I want CANDY!!!

I got CANDY!!!

I didn't know how the night would end with all that sugar in him but he slept great!

Happy Halloween!!!

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