Monday, March 28, 2011

The Garden

We've been talking about having a garden since we moved in the house. But we've also talked about having trees removed, doing a backsplash in the kitchen, fastening door knobs, getting the door bell fixed, installing crown molding, getting the mirrors in the bathroom framed and the list goes on. [my never ending to-do list] So we do a lot of talking...

We hadn't planned on digging up a garden this weekend but my dad rented [in his own words] "killer tiller" and we had to get in on some of that "extra heavy duty" action!

I picked up leaves all afternoon. I have a love-hate relationship with leaves. I like them on the trees but I wish they would stay there. If you came in my backyard right now, I don't know if you would even notice I raked up 10 bags of leaves...that's how many bags are still left to fill. Thinking about it actually makes my arms hurt!

This was William when we fired up the tiller! All SMILES! He loves anything with a motor...vacuum cleaner, dust buster, mower, blower...he loves it! [he also loves lasagna which is all over his face!]

He also loves crackers which kept him occupied while I was bagging leaves!

The backyard lookin' a little red-neck! :)

So, here is where we are right now. It actually looks better than this...I had to stop snapping pics and finish bagging leaves! I'll take more progress pics...we're doing tomatoes, cucumbers and banana peppers. I'm gonna try so hard to keep them alive!!! :)

Dad and Kyle, y'all are the BEST!!! Thanks for all your help! 

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